The Lepak Game Expansion Pack 1.0

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This box contains the essence of Malaysia in a deck of cards, guaranteed to spark some serious Malaysian-style fun! It’s easy to play with no right or wrong answer. All you have to do is pick the most Malaysian response. You’ll find yourself laughing at inside jokes or reminiscing a truly Malaysian experience with other players.

The Lepak Game is a simple word-matching game that incorporates Malaysian references, experiences, and slang to celebrate the unique Malaysian identity.
Expansion Pack 1.0 is made to add into the original base game, but it also provides enough content to play on its own. Contains 100 unique cards.


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  • Nama Kedai: Rojak Culture
  • Vendor: Trixie Khor
  • Alamat: C906 Armanee Condo, Jalan PJU10/C
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