Gramps Repellent Bye Bye Semut 150ML

SKU: 100

* Water-based
* This stain-free, non-toxic, formula is safe for babies, pets, and can be used around food sources
* Effective in getting rid of ants from your living space
* No harsh chemicals used, unlike those found in toxic synthetic repellents

Ants leave a trail of pheromones for other ants to follow. Spray along the trails. Do this at least once a day for at least a week until ants are no longer present.

To prevent ants from getting to your food, spray underneath the bowls and plates or the surrounding area. The formulation is completely harmless.

For maintenance purposes, spray at least once in a week or two to keep the ants at bay.

ALWAYS shake product before use.

150ML / 0.20 gram per bottle


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