Gramps Repellent Bye Bye Nyamuk 150ML

SKU: 100

Use Bye-Bye Nyamuk. Its secret formulation of 30 ingredients confuses mosquito senses. Scientifically proven to work.

* Water-based, leaving no residual feeling on your skin.
* This stain-free, non-toxic, formula is safe for babies, pets, and can be used around food sources.
* Effective in getting rid of mosquitoes from your living space
* No harsh chemicals used, unlike those found in toxic synthetic repellents

Spray under furnitures, curtains & behind the doors. Keep an opening at doors & windows for mosquitoes to exit.

For topical use, spray liberally onto skin or even hair. You can also spray onto your clothing. Ideal for indoor use, if used outdoors, re-apply after sweat- ing or water exposure.

ALWAYS shake product before use.

150ML / 0.20 gram per bottle


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