Soalan Lazim

You can create a Picksum Shopping account by following these simple steps below : 

  • Click on the icon
  • Click on “Register New Account”
  • Create a new Picksum Shopping account using your email ID with password and click “Register”
  • In My Account, you can fill your personal details such as your full name and your billing/shipping address for a speedy process when you ordered.

Picksum is an e-commerce platform that is user-friendly and easy to navigate through! Make sure you logged in to your Picksum Account first so that you can update your details & check your orders in the future. Click on the item of your choice, choose ‘Add to basket’ and the item will immediately be displayed in your shopping cart. 

Once you’re ready to make payment, click ‘Checkout’ and follow the steps accordingly to ensure a smooth payment process. 

Please review all information carefully before placing your order, especially your shipping address information. We are not able to make changes or cancellations after your order has been placed. If a mistake was made, email us at hello@picksum.com immediately after placing your order and we will do our best to try to assist you.

Log into your account and check on the status of your product if delivery has been fullfilled. When your purchase is being fulfilled, the customer will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number to check at the respective courier service website. Customer may receive multiple tracking numbers via email for products ordered from different vendors. 

If you don’t receive a shipping confirmation email after 5 days upon placing, do notify us at hello@picksum.com . 

We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays. If your order requires additional information to fully process, we will be in touch by email. 

As of now, we do not accept any order for shipping outside of Malaysia. In due time once the platform expands, we will notify on our international shipping.

The following are events which may result in a refund or exchange of the Purchased Product:

  1. The Customer did not receive your purchased Product;
  2. The purchased Product upon receipt was determined to be defective or damaged;
  3. The purchased Product delivered did not match the specifications (i.e colour, size, type) that was specified on the Platform at the time of purchase;
  4. The purchased Product delivered is materially different from the description provided on the Platform for the purchase of the Product; or
  5. The Customer no longer wishes to purchase the Product and the Participating Vendor permits for the return of the Product.

For returns and exchanges, customers are advised to notify us first at hello@picksum.com by quoting the order number, the request to be made, the serial number on the product tag or packaging and photographic or video evidences to substantiate the request.

Items can be exchanged and refunded within 30 days of purchase, however they must fulfill the conditions below:

  1. Customers are required to seek confirmation from customer service first to initiate the refund process;
  2. Once approved by customer service, the purchased product must be returned in their original condition un-used and withtags intact;
  3. All free items included in the Product must be returned together with the product;
  4. Picksum will be permitted to determine whether the purchased Product is permitted to be refunded or exchanged.

If the items received by the customer is  damaged upon receipt of the product, , customer needs to initiate the refund process and provide a photo of the condition of the product/item and further investigation are required for us to process the return/exchange that will take approximately 14 days upon the complaint received. 

If the damaged items needed to be return to us, the costs for delivery shall be as follows:

  1. In the event the request to return the purchased Product is due to the customer’s own request and the Participating Vendor permits it, the customer will bear the return shipping cost;and 
  2. In the event the exchange of the purchasded Product is due to a error, miscommunication or wrong delivery of items, the Participating Vendor shall bear the shipping costs.

The following non-exhaustive list of items may not be returned or refunded:

  1. Any perishable Products;
  2. Any food items that have been opened and consumed other than items deemed spoilt upon receipt of the purchased Product;
  1. Any cosmetics or beauty products;
  2. Any intimate clothing, swimwear or clothing where its use or consumption may be affected or interacted with the hygiene/health and personal care/wellness of the user;
  3. Any jewelry where its use or consumption may be affected or interacted with the hygiene/health and personal care/wellness of the user;
  4. Any wind musical instruments;
  5. Any Product that may be deemed as consumable by way of use, application or utilization (i.e books, games, software, music, films, gadgets, tools);
  6. Any Product sold as a marked down, discounted or sale item on the Platform; or
  7. Any Product deemed by us to be unsuitable for reuse by a subsequent purchaser.

You need more information on the products listed? You may check the information displayed at the product page itself. However,if there isn’t any relevant details available,you may drop us an email to hello@picksum.com and we will furnish you with the requested details.

I’m a local merchant. How do I get my brands or products to be listed on Picksum?

Picksum is an e-commerce platform that curates its listing according to the preferences of its target audience that is especially for products from brands by Malaysian or made in Malaysia. If you feel that your brand is suitable for Picksum, drop us an email (with the subject ‘New Merchant’) at hello@picksum.com . We will be in touch with you soon!